Beautiful New Rose Varieties for 2013


Here at Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers, we can't seem to get enough of roses! We are mesmerized by their beauty and lovely fragrance! We even have a page dedicated to these beauties, where you can learn about the history of the flower, different rose varieties, how to care for the roses and much, much more! 


There are thousands of rose varieties available out there, but we still get excited to hear about the new roses that are come out each year. 


Here are some new rose varieties that are available this year. 


Fighting Temeraire

fighting temeraire english rose from david austin roses

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  • large, semi-double English rose with 10 petals; 4-5" across
  • luscious soft apricot colour with a bit of yellow 
  • fragrant rose with strong lemon zest notes

 England's Rose

england's rose from david austin rose new rose variety 2013

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  • hardy and reliable medium-sized English tea rose
  • bright pink flowers will bloom from June to October/November
  • strong warm and spicy fragrance

Wollerton Old Hall

wollerton old hall english rose from david austin roses new rose variety 2013 

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  • one of the most fragrant English tea rose varieties with a distinctive myrrh scent 
  • rich, creamy ivory-coloured
  • even when the roses are fully open, they will retain its beautiful round shape

 Yabba Dabba Doo

yabba dabba doo new rose variety 2013

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  • bright, cheerful orange-pink with yellow eye
  • rose has 7-10 petals
  • 36" standard tree rose will produce large clusters of flowers
  • will re-bloom well

Diamond Eyes

diamond eyes hybrid tea rose new rose variety 2013 

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  • gorgeous dark, velvety purple with white eye double bloom rose; colour will darken in cooler conditions
  • miniature rose
  • petal count: 18-22
  • shrub grows to be14-18 inches tall
  • strong clove and spice fragrance

Dark Night

dark night rose new rose variety 2013 

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  • dark velvety red and creamy yellow hybrid tea rose
  • large size with an average of 25 petals
  • slight fragrance
  • dark green, glossy foliage


whimsy rose new variety 2013

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  • miniature rose
  • painted rose is hot pink on creamy white; each flower will be unique
  • disease-resistant bushy plant
  • petal count: 20-25