Flowers that Bloom in the Spring


Spring, a season that represents new beginnings and hope, is a wonderful time of the year.   After a dreadfully long winter, it's exciting  to see some colour and life in our landscapes, especially for gardeners! Those who planted bulbs in the fall, will have beautiful flowers in bloom early in the season. Flowering shrubs will also bring a burst of colour to the garden. 


Here is a selection of flowers that typically bloom in the spring. 


When people think of spring, camellias aren't usually on the list of flowers. But these attractive evergreen shrubs will bloom in mild winter or early spring in colder areas, producing flowers in shades of white, pink and reds. 



There are fall-blooming and spring blooming crocuses. The spring crocuses usually bloom early in the season, sometimes even through the snow. These small bulbs will flower in shades of purple or yellow.



The daffodil, which symbolizes new beginnings, is one of the most popular springtime flowers! It is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. The bright, cheerful yellow flowers will definitely bring smiles and joy!   


Grape Hyacinth (Muscari)

Grape Hyacinths are a must in spring gardens! They are a favourite with gardeners! Not only do these vibrant beauties add colour and texture to the landscape, they are hardy, reliable and low maintenance. They are usually planted in masses with daffodils and tulips. 


grape hyacinth (muscari)


Hellebores, also known as Lenten Rose, are hardy flowers that will bloom in the winter or early spring. These showy flowers are available in a variety of colours including green, yellow, white, pink and purple. 



The iris is another popular springtime flower. The flower symbolize elegance and Irises are available in blue, purple and yellow. There are varieties that bloom in the spring or summer. They make excellent cut flowers.



Pansies are infamous for being a hardy and reliable garden plant. They can survive cold climates and will bloom in the snow. Pansies will bloom early in the spring. They come in a rainbow of colours, including blue, white, yellow, pink and orange.



Snowdrops are pretty white flowers that will bloom late in the winter or early spring. Like the name suggests, they will even bloom through the snow.  These hardy flowers typically will emerge from the ground before crocuses do! 




Spring isn't spring without tulips! The tulip is perhaps the most popular spring flower of all time! There are literally thousands of cultivars available, varying in colours and forms. As well, there are dozens of tulip festivals around the world.




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