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Fun Flower Facts is in our humble opinion the most fun and interesting Flower Blog on the Internet! Grower Direct is very proud to sponsor and contribute to Fun Flower Facts. This blog is full of info on Flower Varieties, Strange flower facts, Flowers in the news and the just plain weird and wacky! Here's just a few examples of what you can expect to find


Do you have change for a Tulip?A beautiful field of tulips in all their glory

Its a good thing we are not living in 17th century Holland, as the tulip was considered a true exotic and used as currency during the era known as “tulipomania. In the 21st century the tulip is still highly valued for it’s simple, yet elegant beauty. Being beautiful can have its down side, as the tulip can attest to. Read More.....


"In Lieu Of Flowers" What does it mean?

Just recently a friend of mine asked me for some flower advice. He and his wife had a funeral to attend the next day for an old family friend and in reading the obituary for details on time and location he noted that the family had included the term “in lieu if flowers”. My friend explained that he had always made a practice of sending sympathy flowers when attending a funeral and felt strongly it was  a gesture that brought comfort to the bereaved family and conveyed his personal feelings well. Knowing my flower background he came to me hoping to find an answer as to what proper etiquette was in these situations. Read More....


Katy Perry....What do you have against carnations?

Known by millions for her Top 10 pop hits and her bold style of dress songstress Katy Perry also has some VERY specific tastes in flowers. The website TheSmokingGun recently revealed details of the starlet’s contractual demands for each U.S stop of her 2011 world tour. Apparently  Perry, like many celebrities, enjoys having fresh flowers in her dressing room. She is however very picky about the varieties and in fact goes as far as banning carnations altogether. Read More...


Now that is Patriotism!

When I seen this picture I knew that I had to post it here, talk about using flowers to decorate…lol.
What is truly awe-inspiring is the sheer size of this flag, trust me it is much larger than it looks in the photo.

This American flag is 6.65 acres and composed of an estimated 400,000  larkspur plants, each with 4-5 individual flowers, for a total of over 2,000,000 flowers! The flag is the first “floral flag” to contain 5 pointed stars composed of white larkspur. Here are a few more facts... Read More.....

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