MumsMUM - a flower with very soft and long petals; no button in the centre of flower head. The flower is very soft and Cushiony to touch.

Commonly produced as a disbud; sometimes referred to as football mum.

Chrysanthemum sp. is the genus (scientific name) of all pompons, mums, and disbuds.

Some commonly used terms are defined as follows:

POMPON spray type of chrysanthemum; each stem has several flowers

CUSHION POMPON - flower is of medium length petals without button in the centre.

DAISY POMPON - flower with button in the centre.

NOVELTY POMPON - any chrysanthemum besides white, yellow, pink, and bronze cushions, any novelty colours. All novelty shapes.

SPIDER POMPON: flower with very long outer petals without button in the centre.

BUTTON POMPON (dots): Holland/Dutch type novelty poms.

DISBUD (one single large flower per stem produced by removing all side buds when plant was young):

FUJI - synonym of spider, except it is not a spray flower.