Shades of Green: Greenery and Foliage used in Floral Arrangements

Greenery is a low-cost option to create fuller floral arrangements, while hiding the unattractive structures used to hold up the flowers. It's a attractive way to add height and depth any arrangement. In addition, greenery adds colour, contrast and texture.  They are available from any florist in a variety of shades of green, shapes and sizes.

Here is a selection of greenery florists use regularly:



Beargrass, a delicate, grass-like filler foliage, is used in floral arrangements to add height and vertical interest to rounded arrangements. This olive-green filler is long-lasting and complements all flower shapes and colours. Beargrass was used by American Indians to weave baskets.

bear grass

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Boston Fern

Boston Fern is a classic filler made popular during the Victorian era of flower arranging. Also called the sword fern for its shape, the long, slender fronds and the lacy leaflets complement most flowers. It will add a feathery texture to arrangements. It is also a popular ornamental houseplant that also purifies the air in your home. 

boston fern


In addition to being food for those cute koalas, eucalyptus leaves are also used in floral arrangements. The leaves are mildly aromatic with sturdy stems. The "Silver Dollar" is the most commonly used variety. The silver-tinted colour of the leaves complement both pale and brightly-coloured flowers. Moreover, eucalyptus leaves can be dried and used for potpourri. 


eucalyptus leaves

Xanadu Leaf

Found in the tropics, Xanadu leaves are large, glossy fillers commonly used in tropical floral arrangements. The hand-shaped leaves can span up to 18 inches long, curling slightly from the center vein. The dark green leaves complement larger flowers like lilies and dahlias. The Philodendron variety can be re-potted from the arrangement and grown as a lovely houseplant. 


xanadu leaf

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Monstera Leaf

Sometimes called the Swiss Cheese Plant for its large "holey" leaves, the leaves will add drama and personality to any arrangement.  Monstera leaves are commonly used as wedding flowers for their large bright green tropical leaves. These leaves would look stunning in tropical floral arrangements.


monstera leaf

Hosta Leaf

Hosta leaves add height and depth to any floral arrangement. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and colours, hostas are versatile and easy to work with. Some varieties are scented and would add a lovely fragrance to any arrangement. It's no wonder they are a popular choice with florists!




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Hosta Leaf :-)

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Monstera Leaf