Blue is the perfect contrast to the beautiful white flowers in this blue vase. Lilies, roses and mini carnations play beautiful against the sweet blue statice.


This lovely bouquet features Whites and Purple, including flowers such as Roses, Lilies, and Gerbera Daisies, surrounded by other seasonal flowers to fill out the perfect spring bouquet. We finish it off with a beautiful purple bow.


Nothing screams sunshine like the colour yellow. Beautiful yellow roses are featured among white and yellow seasonal flowers in a lovely vase. Bring on that sunshine please!


Is purpley a word because this is very purpley! A purple vase is full of long lasting purple flowers. To accent the purple, white lilies poke out through all the flowers.


A pink cylinder holds the delightful blooms of pink gerbera daisies, and hot pink roses, and seasonaly pink flowers, all tucked into the sweet bloom of why hydrangeas


Fresh from the garden feel,this eye catching vase features a lovely pink lily. Long lasting mini carnations and carnations fill the bouquet to the brim.Seasonal flowers in pinks and yellows perfectly encase the bouquet. Finished with a touch of eucalyptus


A few bright yellow roses are tucked into a medley of long lasting colourful blooms. A range of colours from pinks to purples let the roses take center stage in this lovely vase display.


The colours of romance. Shades of pink and lavender adorn this sweet vase. Roses and lilies are surrounded by beautiful seasonal flowers with a touch of that summer green. Assorted foliages fit this vase perfectly.


A basket of colourful blooms with yellow lilies, soft pink mini carnations, fushia stock and lavender filler.


Let the soft colours of lavender and pinks fill a room with love. This vase is filled with long lasting flowers of carnations, alstromeria, stock and statice.


Bring a beautiful garden indoors! Hot pinks and oranges! The colour of spring. Perfectly designed in sweet little cube, the roses and lilies are highlighted with wonderful carnations and mini carnations.


Nine hot pink and orange roses are encased with beautiful yellow and cream long lasting flowers. Beautiful seasonal filler flowers are used to fill this vase up just right.


This massive display of lilies and roses makes an unforgettable statement. The colours of lime green and wonderful shades of pink bring this romantic number to life! Seasonal flowers are enjoyed as an accent in the beautiful vase.


A perfectly vased design featuring peaches, lime greens, and shades of pink. Flowers of hyrangea, roses, lilies, and more fill this vase and are then accented with stunning assorted foliages. Finished with the perfect pink ribbon on the vase.


Get a distinctive look with this exquisite leaf lined cube. Seasonally available flowers in greens, whites and shades of pink fill this modern look to the brim. Three hot pink roses are featured beautifully when surrounded by this medley of garden flowers


This vase is filled with soft pink and white flowers that include a lily and some lovely roses. Finished off with long lasting flowers make this the perfect dream for anyone.


A collection of Iris's and Gerbera Daises perfectly designed in a leaf lined cylinder. Hot pink and purple carnations and mini carnations fill this design up to the brim.


A front facing vase filled with peach gerbera daisies, soft pink roses and stunning line flowers in purples and light pinks is then accented with a touch of pale pink mini carnations and assorted foliages to make this a very pleasing design.


A wooden cube is holding this linear design to the highest standards. Backed with tropical foliages, lilies reach up tall from a base of roses and gorgeous seasonal flowers. All enjoyed in a colour palette of pinks and purples.


The colour of romance. Reds and burgundy are beyond compare when placed with whites and lavenders. Red roses take center stage among seasonal flowers in this romantic vase.


A beautiful selection of the colour of passion. Burgundy, lavender, white and lime green. The stunning roses always fit any and all events. Seasonally available flowers will fit perfectly in this beautiful vase.


A beautiful blooming white Phalaenopsis Orchid plant is always the perfect gift no matter the occasion. It is very easy to take care of. Check out our E-book for more information!